I’m not a die hard religious person who would regularly go to temples and do some pooja or read some pothi-puran.But I sure believe in God and I remember him in all my Good,Bad and Ugly times. But I have to accept that ‘Shegaon’ is one place where I want to go whenever it is possible.We have an unsaid ritual at home.We visit ‘Shegaon’ every holi.And it makes me see the rejuvenated me every year.It feels like all the bad thoughts and negative energy is flushed out of my body.It feels great in totality.

Shegaon is a pristine place of Shree Gajanan Maharaj.It is located in the east of Mumbai and west of Nagpur.It is well connected through rail and roads.The nearest airports are Akola,Aurangabad and Nagpur.This website should help you know more about Maharaj and the place. 

Shegaon is loaded with devotees every day of the year.Holi specially makes the crowd double.We are aware of this and hence we went one day in advance this time since it was a weekend and more likely for the people around to make a trip there.We reached on 28th Feb at 10.30 am and we were told that we had to wait in line to get a room at Bhaqtniwas-aligned to the Mandir and a decent place to stay.Okay ! Was expecting to stand in the queue.So we stood in line.And could you beat that..we got the room only at 4.15 pm ! But people don’t really mind waiting in the queue to get the accommodation since it is for Maharaj that they go there…look at the public waiting in the lounge.

So we got in around 4.30 pm.In the evening we went to Anand Sagar which is around 6 kms from the bhaqtniwas. Anand Sagar is a huge green park which houses a meditation centre,rides for children,lot of greenery,a shiv temple and it gives lot of peace and relaxing feeling.

The pictures will do the talking here on about Anand Sagar and it’s beauty.

Notice the menu and the prices 🙂

The beautiful & clean cafeteria !

This is what all we had plus 1 lassi,1Mango shake,1 kulfi & 1 Sabudana khichadi
and we paid just Rs.53!!!!

The entrance to the garden

Watch the setting sun peeping while going!

Gajanan Maharaj’s pratima at the entrance

Pratima with the fountain

Matsya Kanya watering Ganesh Jee

Meaning:Board the train at your own risk 🙂

The Engine !

Anad Sagar’s garden in a nut shell

The two way free bus service-Anand Sagar to Bhaqtniwas

Ironically no photography allowed inside the temple so no pictures.But the experience is amazing.I’m sure those of you who have been there know what I mean and those who haven’t been there…at least once in your life you should and you will remember me for this 🙂

12 thoughts on “Shegaon

  1. Oh ho.. so this is what the FB status meant :)The entrance looks awesome, esp. the one with the Sun playing hide and seek! Lovely pics n yummy stuff there 😉 53 is totally unbelievable 😀

  2. I shud say, nice pictures!!! I'm not a totally temple person, but my family does go to a lotta temples on tours!!! and i have to invariably join them!!! and these pictures and the description have made me feel that i have to visit these places… my first time on ur blog. enjoyed readin it

  3. I felt peace in my heart by just watching these pics :)i have no words to express my emotions right now ,I liked pic of Matsya kanya watering Ganeshji, The Engine most.ThAnX a LoT :)Following you 🙂

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