Ganpati Pule-Temple & Beach

Ganpati Pule is located at Konkan coast of Maharashtra.There is no railway station at Ganpati Pule so one has to go via Ratnagiri, the nearest railway head. By road one can take a bus going to Ganpati Pule from Mumbai,Pune,Kolhapur etc. As per my experience travelling by the rail is much convenient an option.From Ratnagiri it takes about an hour [45 kms] to reach Ganpati Pule. One can take Auto-rickshaw or local buses to reach there. Auto will charge you somewhere between 300-350 Rs.

Ganpati Pule is more famous for the 400 years old Ganesh temple it has at the beach line. This Ganesha idol is said to be swayambhoo [self-manifested].These kind of idols are said to be very powerful and if one wishes for something from the heart the wish is said to be fulfilled.Ganpati Pule is one of such temples.Ironically I don’t have the temple misplaced..a picture from the internet can be seen below.

Source Front view
Mouse [Ganesha’s Vahan] outside the temple

The beach at the temple is outstanding and cleanest of all that I have visited. There are lot of options for stay at Ganpati Pule.The best of all we found is ‘MTDC resorts’.It’s exactly at the beach and they have nice rooms with decent facilities.The area is quiet and one can enjoy the solitude,watching the sunset sitting in the balcony facing the beach! Some pictures of the resort are below.

A view of the resort from the beach

View of the beach from the balcony

View from balcony at 5.30 am

As mentioned earlier the beach is super clean or the right way to put it is-it’s not commercialized yet.Lot of people don’t even know Ganpati Pule exists as a place in Konkan.I suggest that you should visit the place if you haven’t yet. The place has some magic within.You get solace and peace of mind.The beauty of the nature is amazing. Okay have a look at the pictures and you will know what I mean…

The beach in the evening



It’s all so beautiful.It’s romantic and peaceful.The pictures make me feel I should right away head to the beach.We are so fond of this beach,unlike other beaches that we have seen,that we go there once in 2 years.It’s always on our special holiday list-when we just need to relax and chill.Amongst the hills I think a place for relaxing and having peaceful time is Almora.

Two snaps which are my fav from this trip are

people playing cricket-The timing to click was so perfect !
Yes! trying to gulp the sun πŸ™‚
These two snaps and more from other trips makes me think that I should take up photography seriously ! πŸ˜‰
Coming back to the place,there are some other places to visit too-of course if you are done with the beach ! It’s never enough I’m telling you :).There is Prachin [anceint] Konkan to see.It’s an open air museum which depicts the life as it was in ancient Konkan.It is spread across 3 acres. Interestingly, it was constructed by 27 years old Vaibhav Sardesai,a resident of Ganpati Pule.

You should not miss tasting ‘Sol-Kadhi’ [a preparation made up of kokum and coconut milk] which is a specialty in Konkan.We relished the food at ‘Patankakar’s Mess’.The food is superb !

Overall,Ganpati Pule is a must-go destination and once you are there you will want to visit again,I’m sure !


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