Udaipur-Mount Abu-Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh: It is the biggest fort in Asia.The famous historical icon- Vijay Stambh can be seen in the photograph below. Inside the fort there is “Kali Temple”,”Jaya Stambh”,the place where ‘Jauhar‘ took place.

There is nothing much to look around except the fort. Here you can do some shopping of magical sarees.Yes, these are made up of Bamboo threads and contains lifelong “chandan scent”.Also if the saree is dried in shed it becomes a silk wear and if dried in direct sun it becomes cotton wear!!! *Hai na magical???*

Vijay Stambh and Udaipur vintage car and the fountain

Udaipur: A city full of palaces and lakes.The palace which I liked the most is “City Palace”- a heritage of Rana dynasty. The palace walls bear huge vibrant paintings. There were moments when we really wanted to stand still in front of a painting and keep viewing its fine lines and vivacious colors. The mirror work on the walls,the chandelier, the carved designs on the windows..its a perfect work of art.It is one of the well maintained palaces.You should take at least 4-5 hours to tour the entire palace.A must watch !Also it has a royal stable with 5 tall and strong horses which are still used on special occasions. You will get to see a black beauty called “ganesh” in the collage below!!! 

Inside Udaipur City Palace

Mt Abu: A small city with lots of hotels for the tourists.Rajasthan’s only hill station. There are points like ‘honey moon’,’shooting’ and ‘sunset’ which are a must to visit. Also this city has many temples around. Most of them are Jain temples-the complex is called ‘Dilwara Temples‘. They are worth seeing. The wondrous work on marble is amazing!!!!Following is the sunset series collage.

The Sun set series @ Sunset point

Oh yes I must mention that one of tour guides was so funny that he kept us engaged in laughing through out the day. He used to tell the history with a bit of pun mixed with it!!! Honestly, if my teachers have had applied this method I would have scored much better in history!!!!! *sigh* !!

There are tons of photos..I have tried to cover as much as possible in these collages.


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