Kerala – Beauty, Boat and ahem! Me

When you take off from Mumbai, all you see below you is blocks and blocks of tall building and the sea! Not a single tree you will spot sadly. Well i noticed this after i saw the view from above before landing at Cochin. There ae more trees below you than the buildings you see from above Mumbai city.
Our journey starts when we come out of Cochin Airport. Our Driver Unnikrishnan is waiting for us with a big smile on his face. Luckily for us, he knows English a bit; thus no communication barrier! We are just settling down in our transport, a small round of introduction with Unni and our journey to beautiful Munnar starts. Unni plays some English music for a while; but we all are too busy hunting for greens around us. We do get lucky after 20 odd minutes. The ac is off now, and windows rolled down, our lungs are feeling odd as the pure air without any pollution is reaching them!

On the way, we spot bungalows, each one situated at around 3-4 minutes distance from the other. Scattered houses and many trees; exactly opposite to what we see in Mumbai – many houses and scattered trees. Back to houses again – they all are painted with colours like dark pink, violet, bright orange, florescent green, neon blue and such. It takes your eyes one hour to get used to those wonderful colours on wall, while your mind has a tough time accepting it; for it has a picture of your house or building painted with a pastel colour!

Apart from those colourful houses, second most fascinating thing for me – Kerala food. There is rice, daal and few gravies coconut based; taste at its best and a promise of 2 kgs of weight gain in 3 days! But trust me, every bite is worth those kgs and few rounds on treadmill! Don’t trust me? Then see the image below and decide it yourself!

After spending three days in Munnar, where we visited a tea plantation site, a tea museum built and managed by Kanan Dewan Tea Company, few beautiful churches and speed boat ride, our next destination is Alleppey. The best thing there – Back waters – another beauty; or I should call it a great tourist attraction and a major source of revenue generation; for it is very popular amongst foreign tourist!

But what made our back waters ride in the house-boat memorable was me sailing the small boat that took us all to the house boat.

The small boat that is the main mode of transport for many locals there; the small boat that can carry three to five people; the small boat that makes sure you don’t move an inch from your seat or you will be off it without realizing!

The house boat experience is again different. They remind you of Mumbai flats – for you find them in sizes like 2 bhk, 4 bhk etc. The biggest one we saw was 7 bhk. Some of them come with the first floor too, with the attached balcony. On the boat, food is prepared as well; a good feast for non-vegetarian; for you get prawns that are as huge as a lobster, and look like one too!

That’s Kerala for you at its brief most form – 550 words! There is a lot to talk about it, and I will do that soon; the whole series of posts on Kerala, its beauty and me; but at my space.


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