Our last itinerary was Nainital. The hotel we stayed at was ‘The Naini Retreat‘ Needless to mention it was a perfect choice to have enjoyed a pampered and exhilarating stay at Nainital. We relaxed for one day and then went over to the near by places. A glimpse inside the hotel room

There are lot of places around Nainital for the tourists to be occupied for entire day or two. We just shortlisted few of them and chucked the rest ! Places like Naini Point from where the Naini lake is said to look like a mango. The picture…

Then we moved on to Suicide Point.I don’t understand why people would want to die after reaching this point..since the view is amazing and lively… 🙂 have a look yourself
From here we were taken to the Himalayan Point from where the Himalayan ranges are visible very clearly
The next stop was Botanic Garden of Nainital. The waterfall at the garden is amazing… the sound of the fall makes you sense a strength within..determined is the word actually ! There was this notice which caught my attention… 🙂 We could manage to get Maggie Noodles at the waterfall. Interestingly this dish makes it’s way to all the important points at Nainital. Tourists do indulge in it and relish the Maggie while at breath taking locales and enjoying the chilly wind !
The Yummy Maggie !

From here we went to The Cave Garden  where there are 13 caves named after strong animals. We visited only one of these called Tiger Cave.
The Tiger Cave had thin way to creep in and out of it

Then came the Lovers Point !! You know I asked the people there why is it called a lover’s point and none could give me a satisfactory answer. In fact I felt it should have been called a Suicide Point since it is at height and there is a single rock situated at the edge where only two people can sit..and not lover‘s’ ! Anyways, I’m not to question all these technicalities here…enjoy the picture..sadly and fortunately as well..the fog came into picture from no where on a bright sunny day… the game nature plays is amazing..and no rules defined ! It really appeared like the fog and the sun are playing hide and seek…have a look
The view from lovers point with fog
The sun peeps in after a while as if there was no fog

These are the notice and the stall plate which make way at the Lovers point and attract your attention…

Finally we reach the last point of our touring day-Naini Lake Boating. Boating should cost you Rs.160 for the ride till the other end of the lake which is called Talli Tal. 
The view when in the lake is was so soothing to look around and feel the air…the chilled air…look here
While boating in the lake

The entire day was occupied and fun-filled…we were so happy at the end of day ! The entire tour was very nice and we had fun. It was a long break and we came refreshed. Oh yes, how could I not mention the spa at the Nainital Hotel. R3 Spa has trained professionals and they provide wide range of services to the guests.Of course we went for it and the experience was amazing… just like it’s name.You find a new you post that 1 hour session in dim light,faintly audible music and scented candles add to the experience in itself ! Indulgence,I say !
Here are few things to note & remember:
There would be lot of people coaxing you to take their package which includes boating,half-way rope car and some 8 points visit in the cab. But you need to be alert and wise. First make sure you want to go to all these points and how and when. I suggest first collect some information about these points and then take your pick. As for us,we had a hired Alto car for our entire Kumaon trip. It costed us around four thousands for all 8 days-which included local site seeing and travelling from Almor to Kausani to Nainital and finally to Kathgodam. And needless to mention that it was a comfortable and relaxed journey all the while.
If at all you are wanting to hire the taxi / cab like the way we did please drop me an email. I shall provide you with the driver’s number.
Woolens are must and specially hand gloves,caps and socks.
The mall road at Nainital is a huge market where you will get everything under the sun. Yeah, we found a CCD outlet there and we went in to sip some good coffee and eat the sinful ‘chocolate fantasy’.
There are lot of hotels at the mall road.The only advantage to stay there is everything is at your doorsteps. The Naini Retreat is located at a higher point, 10 mins drive,from the Mall road-away from the hustle and bustle of the market area,where you can find solace. The hotel also provides to-fro vehicle service to the Mall road. So if at all you are wanting to go to the Mall road take the hotel cab and go which is much preferred than staying at the hotel where the balcony door opens at the crowded road ! But still if one chooses to book a hotel at the Mall road-the Lake Side Inn and Alka Lake View Resort are nice decent places to stay.
You will get ‘bhutta’  to beat the wintery feeling. And it’s very tasty ! All types of food is available at the hotels. So you have loads of options to eat. 
There is one shop named The Famous Coat House at the mall road. If at all you want to buy the woolens,it’s the best place to get a good quality and authenticated woolens. It has a wide range of woolen clothes of all types for one and all in the family.
All in all an amazing encounter with nature’s beauty ! But one thing that I would like to add here…
“Go east or west or wherever..home is the best”

Please note that all the information provided here at the blog is based on our personal experience during the travel. I insist that the information should be taken in a suggestive manner and not as absolute to follow.

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    • yeah since we keep on taking vacation frequently thought of having a travel log 🙂 And yet there are so many places to explore in India….the journey continues 🙂

      Tnx Raji 🙂

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